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No space to garden? Community gardens give everyone a place to grow

Community Teaching Garden participants

Gardeners at work in Burlington's Community Teaching Garden, a hands-on gardening program designed especially for beginning organic gardeners. Course participants learn how to plant, cultivate, harvest, and preserve fresh vegetables. Since the program began in 2003, more than 120 gardeners have successfully completed the 22-week course.

Brenda Brodie

The SEEDS Garden, located 

WOULD you like to have your very own flower or vegetable garden, but need a place to plant it? Are you interested helping people in your town or neighborhood find a place to garden?

We support community gardening efforts through the Vermont Community Garden Network (VCGN) and the American Community Gardening Association(ACGA), a trusted gardening resource. ACGA is the oldest community gardening association in the United States and its mission is to help create sustainable community gardens by providing education and resources.

Find a Community Garden Nearby

ACGA has a directory of community gardens on its web site. Search by zip, city or state to find gardens all over the U.S. and Canada. The directory includes detailed information on each garden, including location, contact information, events and garden amenities.

Want to Start a Community Garden?

Growing Communities is a two-day, hands-on workshop where participants learn strategies that community organizers use to develop dynamic leaders and create strong gardening programs.

Read reviews from workshop participants about the workshops and/or send e-mail to info@communitygardening.org to find out if a workshop has been 

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